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The Primary Care IPA is an independent, primary care physician-led and primary care physician-governed organization created to enhance physician efforts to improve population health, enhance the delivery of care, reduce healthcare costs, and improve physician work-life balance.

The IPA provides our members with the following services and opportunities:

  • The ability to prosper in a value-based care environment.
  • The negotiation of value-based contracts with the payers that will enhance the investment in primary care.
  • Administration of approved payer contracts, including the distribution of any earned incentive payments by the IPA.
  • The provision of timely, effective reporting on individual practice performance along the metrics outlined in approved payer contracts.
  • Analytical assessment of population, patient and practice data to identify improvement opportunities.
  • Analytical assessment of the quality and cost of specialists and facilities to better inform your choices.
  • Practice transformation and clinical integration services and support, with a commitment to work with each practice to assist in the transformation that will result in improved outcomes according to the Quadruple Aim.
  • The provision of other support services, as prioritized by IPA members, to improve the efficiency of their practices.
  • The ability to maintain the independence of your private practice, because the IPA will not:
    1. inhibit your ability to open or modify locations
    2. require your physicians to be a member of any particular hospital medical staff
    3. require you to refer to specific specialists or facilities
    4. inhibit or restrict your acceptance of new patients
    5. force you to change your Electronic Medical Record system


As a New York not-for-profit corporation, each physician in each practice is a member of the IPA. As such, each physician will be entitled to vote in the annual election of directors. Unlike other local IPAs, only physicians have the right to vote in these elections. No hospital or payor will have authority to appoint or elect any directors. These elections will be conducted in accordance with the IPA’s by-laws.

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